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Example -1
The Entertainment Market
A new movie release is first shown in theaters then moves to HBO, from HBO to Showtime then to Cinemax then to The Red Box, DVD, CBS, ABC, NBC and finally to other cable properties. The more people consume your content the greater the return for you, the content owner. It’s about sharing your content with More people, More often for More Money!!!!

Example – 2
The Soft Drink Market
Coke is the world’s biggest and most recognized brand servicing billions on a daily basis. Yes, you read right!!!! BILLIONS!!! Yet Coke continues to market and advertise their brand to keep the lead over Pepsi and other contenders. The only way to achieve these numbers is to constantly incorporate "in-your-face marketing."

Coke focuses on “Distribution Marketing” such as a six packs of Coke at Kroger, 2 liter bottles at BP gas stations, or a 12 oz can purchased in vending machines. Coke’s goal is to have its products available no matter where you’re located! This is a vital lesson in becoming a leader in your industry.

Your app must be available in multiple places to ensure multiple downloads. ShopThislive! Increases your download potential exponentially.

ShopThisLive” is a new distribution system for the ever-increasing mobile device market. This high profile app vending machine (AVM) introduces mobile digital goods, such as Apps, Mobile Games, Music and eBooks in airports, malls, universities and colleges worldwide.

Opportunity For More Exposure

* Using QR Codes or Text Messaging to connect and receive digital content on your mobile device

World Class Exposure @ The World's Busiest Airport

Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  • 90 million passengers a year
  • 250,000 Smart phone/tablet users per day
  • 2,700 arrivals and departures per day
  • With world class travelers and world class traffic

More People More Often = More Downloads!

The Call of the Mall!

  • 80% of visitors visit the mall once a month
  • On average, mall visitors visit the mall 38 times per year
  • 43% of consumers visit the mall once a week

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